compact disc cover for The Wandering Bird by Robert Rollin

About the Performers:

This recording is part of the Dana Recording Project and is sponsored by the New Music Society with additional support from the Dana School of Music, The Youngstown State University College of Fine and Performing Arts, and the Ohio Arts Council. Proceeds benefit the New Music Society Guest Artist and Young Composers Scholarship Funds. All music licensed by ASCAP

Track Listing / Program Notes by Walter Mony

Movement in Rupak Tal (Walter Mony, Calvin Lewis, violins) • The source of inspiration for this piece was the seminars led by the great Ravi Shankar in which Robert Rollin was a participant. The term Rupak Tal in North Indian Music refers to… more

Lyric Counterpoint on a Theme by Warshawsky (Walter Mony, violin / Timothy Ehlen, piano) • This thematic paraphrase is based on Eyfin Pripitchok by Mark Warshawsky (1845-1907), born in Kiev, lawyer by profession but with a consuming vocational passion for folk singing… more

Two Ladino Songs (Walter Mony, violin / Timothy Ehlen, piano) • The Ladino Spanish Jews were sustained by a remarkable heritage of folk songs during their dispersal across Europe and North and South America after their exile from Spain… more

The Wandering Bird (Walter Mony, violin / Timothy Ehlen, piano) • This setting of the Puerto Rican folk song, El Pájaro Errante, has an inherent, narrative feel throughout its basic structure of 29 bars and ranges through the high… more

Variations and Interludes on an Old Polish Carol (Walter Mony, violin / Timothy Ehlen, piano) • The thematic core of this piece is the renowned Polish carol Lulajze Jezuniu (Sleep Little Jesus), a gentle pulsating lullaby. The 17-measure tune… more

Variations (Walter Mony, viola) • This work is cast in the venerable form of a passacaglia. The realization of the compositional processes in the variations pose prodigious technical problems for the viola: complex fingerings, multiple stoppings… more

Greensleeves Variations (John Wilcox, violin / Walter Mony, viola) • Rollin transforms this perennial favorite into a Kaleidoscopic salmagundi of contrapuntal effects, witticisms, innovative technical gestures, and quasi-baroque phrases… more

Trio on a Poem of D.H. Lawrence (Joseph Edwards, clarinet / Walter Mony, viola / Timothy Ehlen, piano) • Each movement of this opus relates to the corresponding stanza of the Lawrence poem. The viola haunts the first movement, hinting at a remote song… more