compact disc cover for Legends, Ceremonials, and Prayer

This recording is part of the Dana Recording Project and is sponsored by the New Music Society with additional support from the Dana School of Music, The Youngstown State University College of Fine and Performing Arts, and the Ohio Arts Council. Proceeds benefit the New Music Society Guest Artist and Young Composers Scholarship Funds. All music licensed by ASCAP

About the Performers:

Track listing

  1. Canto in Memoriam for solo violin • This work was composed for Gwyneth Rollin, the composer’s wife. It is in four continuous sections and was written in reaction to the World Trade Center tragedy of 9/11/01… more
  2. Legends Trio for flute, viola, and harp • Rollin visited the Allegheny Reserve and its Seneca Indian Museum on a trip to Western New York State. A young Seneca woman, a musician working in the museum store, helped him choose recordings and books on tribal legends. The Legends trio, largely, is Rollin’s own style… more
  3. Hebraic PrayerHebraic Prayer for violin and piano was inspired by the Canto in Memoriam for violin solo, a piece dedicated to the heroic firemen lost… more
  4. Passover Songs for violin and pianoPassover Songs was composed at the request of Father Joseph Rudjak of Ss. Peter and Paul Church in North Canton, Ohio. Created for a fundraiser undertaken jointly with the North Canton Jewish community to help defray hospital costs for a young girl with… more
  5. Sonata on Zuni Ceremonials and Dances for solo violin • This sonata has structural kinship to the slow-fast-slow-fast order present in some Baroque church sonatas. Two Zuni Corn Dance melodies, originally… more

  6. The Three Ravens for solo guitarThe Three Ravens is an ancient English folksong. It was included in English Renaissance composer Thomas Ravenscroft’s Melismata, published in 1611. The dark, sad text speaks of three black ravens observing a “slain knight under his shield… in a green field,” who is lifted by a fallow doe on to her back and carried to a lake and buried there… more
  7. Celtic Duo for violin and viola • This piece was composed for John Wilcox and Walter Mony and is based on two sad Celtic love songs about unrequited love. The first, “Somebody” is sung from the … more

  8. Yo Quisiera Quererte (If You Were only mine) for violin and piano • This haunting Chilean song about unrequited love is a Tonada, a melody and refrain combination derived from old Spanish jongleur ballads of the Castilian court of Alfonso the Tenth. It shares with the Chilean dance, the Zamacueca, a medium tempo, a four bar repeated verse, and four bar repeated refrain. The juxtaposed six-eight melodic pattern… more
  9. Images of Africa for violin and pianoImages of Africa is an original work referring obliquely and interrmittently to an old Zulu melody without ever really quoting it. A stately original theme… more

  10. Lyric CapricesLyric Caprices for string bass and electronic tape… more

Producer: Dr. Robert Rollin
Audio Engineer: Dr. Robert Brooks
Premastering Engineer: Johnterryl Plumeri
Mastering Engineer: Arnie Acosta
Cover Art: Susan Dunn
Mastered at the Mastering Lab — Ojal, California
Nemus Records, 330-941-3645.